Lachlan Deer

Lachlan Deer

Assistant Professor

Tilburg University


I am an Assistant Professor in the Marketing Group at Tilburg University.

My research develops quantitative models that guide managerial decision-making and inform public policy in the following areas:

  • Social media’s impact on consumer demand
  • Regulation of TV advertising
  • Effectiveness of mental health awareness campaigns
  • Social networks and their impact on protests

Learn more about my research here.


  • Quantitative Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Text as Data
  • Media & Entertainment Industries


  • PhD in Economics, 2019

    University of Zurich

  • MSc. in Economics, 2013

    University College London

  • MPhil. in Economics, 2012

    University of Adelaide

  • B. Economics (Hons.), 2009

    University of Adelaide



Digital and Social Media Strategies

Introduces students to digital marketing with an emphasis on recent academic research in quantitative marketing and field experiments. Targeted at Bachelor’s students.

Social Media and Web Analytics

Develops an understanding of the social media landscape from the point of view of a marketing analyst. Targeted at Master’s students.

Using Text as Data in Empirical Economics Research

Text as data workshop at the Center for Health Economics at Monash University.

Using Text as Data in Marketing Research

Text as data workshop at the University of Adelaide Business School.

Programming Practices for Research Students

Aims to improve programming and data practices of early careeer researchers. Targeted at graduate students & researchers in business and economics.

The Carpentries

Teaches foundational coding, and data science skills to researchers Targeted at graduate students & researchers.

Tilburg Science Hub

What we do

We help individual researchers, data scientists and their teams to efficiently work on empirical research projects. Our platform provides information about workflow and data management and tutorials that teach researchers how to organize and document their data and code. That way, our research becomes sustainable and reproducible, leading to time savings and transparency.

Check us out here.


R Packages

Empirical IO

demandr: Nested Logit Demand Estimation with Aggregate Market Shares

  • Estimate Nested Logit Demand models on aggregate market share data
  • Coauthored with Christian Oertel (U Zurich)
  • Status: Under development
  • Code: available on Github


hayshir: R Companion to “Econometrics” by Fumio Hayashi

  • Provides all data sets used in textbook, and companion code to each chapter in text
  • Website
  • Code: available on Github



Installation Guide - Research

Installation Guide for Ubuntu / Debian Systems. How I set up my machine. Brief on details.

Installation Guide - Teaching

Detailed installation instructions for data science tools for economics & marketing research. Aimed at students, multiple OS support.

Markdown templates

Most of my written work is in markdown. Here are some templates.

Snakemake Template with R

Reproducible Research Template using Snakemake and R. Pipeline from data analysis to final paper and slides. Co-authored with Julian Langer.