Lachlan Deer

Lachlan Deer

Assistant Professor

Tilburg University


I am an Assistant Professor in the Marketing Group at Tilburg University.

My current research combines structural econometrics with text as data, utilizing tools from Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, to study:

  • The impact of social media content on consumer demand for new products
  • The interaction between offline advertising and online word of mouth
  • How the structure of online networks influence the spread of information and decision making


  • Quantitative Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Text as Data
  • Media & Entertainment Industries


  • PhD in Economics, 2019

    University of Zurich

  • MSc. in Economics, 2013

    University College London

  • MPhil. in Economics, 2012

    University of Adelaide

  • B. Economics (Hons.), 2009

    University of Adelaide



Social Media and Web Analytics

Develops an understanding of the social media landscape from the point of view of a marketing analyst. Targeted at Master’s students.

Programming Practices for Research Students

Aims to improve programming and data practices of early careeer researchers. Targeted at graduate students & researchers in business and economics.

The Carpentries

Teaches foundational coding, and data science skills to researchers Targeted at graduate students & researchers.


R Packages

Empirical IO

demandr: Nested Logit Demand Estimation with Aggregate Market Shares

  • Estimate Nested Logit Demand models on aggregate market share data
  • Coauthored with Christian Oertel (U Zurich)
  • Status: Under development
  • Code: available on Github


hayshir: R Companion to “Econometrics” by Fumio Hayashi

  • Provides all data sets used in textbook, and companion code to each chapter in text
  • Website
  • Code: available on Github



Installation Guide - Research

Installation Guide for Ubuntu / Debian Systems. How I set up my machine. Brief on details.

Installation Guide - Teaching

Detailed installation instructions for data science tools for economics & marketing research. Aimed at students, multiple OS support.

Markdown templates

Most of my written work is in markdown. Here are some templates.

Snakemake Template with R

Reproducible Research Template using Snakemake and R. Pipeline from data analysis to final paper and slides. Co-authored with Julian Langer.