Federal Reserve Board of Governors

May 1-2, 2017

8:30am - 4:30pm

Instructors: Lachlan Deer, Easton White

Helpers: Tom Allard, Brendan Nedwek, Tony Primerano

General Information

This Data Carpentry workshop is for researchers at the Federal Reserve Board. No computational experience is required. This hands-on workshop teaches basic concepts, skills and tools for working more effectively with data. Participants will be encouraged to help one another and to apply what they have learned to their own research problems.

We will cover Data organization in spreadsheets, Introduction to R, SQL for data management and Data analysis and visualization in R. Participants should bring their laptops and plan to participate actively. By the end of the workshop learners should be able to more effectively manage and analyze data and be able to apply the tools and approaches directly to their ongoing research.

For more information on what we teach and why, please see our paper "Best Practices for Scientific Computing".

Who: This workshop is for research and technical personnel at the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Registration is limited to current employees of the Federal Reserve Board. You don't need to have any previous knowledge of the tools that will be presented at the workshop.

Where: 1709 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006. Get directions with OpenStreetMap or Google Maps.

When: May 1-2, 2017. Add to your Google Calendar.

Requirements: Participants will be using computer facilities provided by the FRB. They are also required to abide by Software Carpentry's Code of Conduct.

Accessibility: We are committed to making this workshop accessible to everybody. The workshop organisers have checked that:

Materials will be provided in advance of the workshop and large-print handouts are available if needed by notifying the organizers in advance. If we can help making learning easier for you (e.g. sign-language interpreters, lactation facilities) please get in touch and we will attempt to provide them.

Contact: Please email alice.allen@frb.gov or lachlan.deer@gmail.com for more information.

Schedule Overview


Please be sure to complete these surveys before and after the workshop.

Pre-workshop Survey

Day 1

8:30 Workshop Introduction and Managing Data with Spreadsheets
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Introduction to R
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Starting with Data in R
14:30 Coffee
15:00 dplyr in R
16:30 Wrap-up

Day 2

8:30 SQL
10:30 Coffee
11:00 More SQL
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Plotting in R
14:30 Coffee
15:00 SQL in R
16:30 Wrap-up

Etherpad: http://pad.software-carpentry.org/2017-05-01-dc-frb.
We will use this Etherpad for chatting, taking notes, and sharing URLs and bits of code.


For this workshop, the Federal Reserve Board IT staff have installed the necessary software onto the training room computers. If you do not have these programs on your work computer, please contact IT directly. If you would like to follow-up on the workshop lessons at home, you will need working copies of R, RStudio, Firefox Browser, and the SQLite plug-in for Firefox.

To install these programs on a personal computer (not owned by the Federal Reserve Board), please follow these Setup Instructions.

We maintain a list of common issues that occur during installation as a reference for instructors that may be useful on the Configuration Problems and Solutions wiki page.